The names of persons who were directors of Cricket Australia at any time during the financial year were as follows:

J C Bannon AO, W J Edwards, E R Eddings, T T Harrison, J C Hey, M S Kasprowicz, D A Peever, K J Roberts, M A Taylor AO, R Every AO, J Harnden AO, M Tredenick

(i) Key management personnel compensation

Key management personnel compensation for the years ended 30 June 2016 and 2015 is set out below. The key management personnel are all the Directors of the Company and the executives with the authority for the strategic direction and management of the Company.

2016 2015
 $’000  $’000
Short-term benefits 5,459     5,875
Post-employment benefits       215        190
    5,674     6,065

(ii) Payments to and from members

In accordance with Cricket Australia’s By Laws, payments are made to Members to assist with their costs. The levels of distributions are made to States to reflect equal general funding, and additional funding, recognising profits States would have generated from individual activities.

2016 2015
 $’000  $’000
Distributions from current earnings    72,827    77,279
State Player Payments    33,432    28,724
106,259   106,003

Cricket Australia undertook transactions with each of the Members during the year in the normal course of business.

Under the current By Laws, Cricket Australia has committed to provide distributions to the States in the 2016/17 financial year, forecast as $108,000,000 (2016: $106,259,550) at balance date.

2016 2015
 $’000  $’000
Amounts receivable from Members at balance date     233        1,755
Amounts payable to Members at balance date        916     898

(iii) Usage Agreement Queensland Cricket Association

During the year ended 30 June 2010, Cricket Australia signed an agreement with the Queensland Cricket Association for use of facilities at the National Cricket Centre, Brisbane. Details of payments anticipated under this agreement are included in Notes 19 & 21.