Investments at fair value through profit or loss include the following:

2016 2015
 $’000  $’000
Australian listed equity securities 62,298  26,037
International listed equity securities 10,430  4,831
72,728      30,868

The majority of the company’s listed equity securities are publicly traded and are included either in the ASX 200 Index or the NYSE international 100 Index.

Based on the assumption that the value of the Company’s investments in managed funds correlate to movements in the ASX 200 Index and the NYSE international 100 Index, had the ASX 200 Index and the NYSE international Index increased / decreased by 10% (2015:10%) the Company’s net assets would have increased / decreased by $7,272,788 (2015: $3,086,799) based on the year end balances.

(a) Risk exposure

Information about the entity’s exposure to credit risk, foreign exchange and price risk is provided in Note 2.